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RejeX should be applied to a cool (less than 85° F) dry surface out of direct sunlight. If the surface is too hot, the coating will cure before it has properly bonded to the surface, and it won’t perform up to its potential. RejeX is wiped on, allowed to dry to a haze for approximately 10-15 minutes, wiped off, then allowed to cure for 12 hours.

Curing is required to allow the monomers (polymer building blocks) that make up RejeX to attach to the surface being treated and to polymerize (cross link) into a crystal-clear, impervious film. It is very important to allow RejeX to cure for 12 hours after the haze has been wiped off. If the coating is exposed to contamination such as oil, fuel, soot, water, cleaners, etc. before it has cured, the contaminants may interfere with the film, preventing the RejeX from achieving it's maximum performance and durability.

RejeX is not meant to be used on porous surfaces, highly oxidized painted surfaces, or to fill fine scratches. RejeX can be applied in multiple coats, allowing 8 hours curing time between coats for deeper color and greater depth of gloss. RejeX has a higher refractive index than waxes, so it produces richer, deeper looking colors and a lustrous long-lasting finish.

RejeX can be used over existing wax; however, the duration of protection will be reduced as the softer underlying wax degrades comparatively quickly. There is no reason to wax over RejeX. As we’ve already said, RejeX leaves a shinier, longer-lasting finish than wax… and the wax can't adhere well to RejeX!

If a RejeX-treated surface needs repainting, normal paint preparation is all that’s required. Abrasive cleaners, polishes, rubbing compounds or chemical paint strippers will remove the RejeX film.

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a non-yellowing polymer coating that applies like wax (though with none of the buffing  or polishing) and leaves an enduring, beautiful shine.

  REJEX is a thin-film polymer coating designed to provide a high-release surface. This  very  thin film – less than a micron thick – prevents stains and adhesion of common  contaminants such as exhaust, bugs, oil, tree sap, bird droppings, road grime, brake dust,  etc. It also makes graffiti easy to remove and can be applied to windshields to repel rain.  It’s  easy to apply and produces a deep, lustrous shine that outlasts the most popular waxes  by months.

  REJEX contains none of the free silicone oils found in some other products that are  known  to contaminate paint and cause problems when repainting.

  REJEX is compeltely safe on clear coat finishes, vinykll graphics, acrylic windshields and clear plastic protective films.

  REJEX is available in 12 oz., 16 oz bottles and by the gallon.


#1 Remove any surface grime, stains and any oxidation.
#2 Shake well and apply to a clean, dry surface that is cool to the touch. Do not apply in direct sunlight or in temperatures greater than 85° F.
#3 After RejeX dries to a haze (about 10-15 minutes), simply wipe it off. Unlike waxes that require strenuous rubbing or buffing to remove, RejeX easily wipes on and off.
#4 For best results allow RejeX to cure for 8-12 hours out of the elements.
For optimum protection, reapply every 4-6 months as needed.
Or apply a second coat  after 8 hours for a deeper shine and even longer term protection.
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"I could not believe my eyes this weekend when I washed my car after four months of winter filth and salt.   The paint is perfect and water beads better than a fresh wax job! Truly unbelievable,  I'm telling everyone I can about your product."     
Andy Steinmann, Columbus, OH

"We were impressed with this product's ability to keep bug splats and exhaust stains from sticking to paint."            
Coy Jacob, The Aviation Consumer

"For the past 5 years I was using Liquid Lustre that I purchased from a Corvette dealer.  I thought it was best until I used RejeX.  I could not believe the difference in my car.  I highly recommend anyone to try RejeX.  I am sure they will be as pleased as I am."      Cinda Smith

"After a month of building up road crud, the side of the A4 treated with RejeX came clean with one swipe of the sponge.  Brake dust washed off the wheels with plain water."         Car & Driver

"Amazingly, the nose of the trailer remained predominately bug free!  What few bug carcasses had clung to the stainless steel nose section were quickly washed away with a moderate stream of water.  RejeX is good stuff"                             
Thomas Block, Piper Flyer

"My experience with using RejeX on our buses is very good.  As a test, we put the product on a double-decker touring bus.  After three months of running non-stop between Denmark and Spain (Apr. 2,000 KM each way), I found that bugs are no longer a problem.  We can easily remove them from the windshield and frame of the bus with pressure from a water hose. 
Per Jespersen, Tarm, Denmark

"RejeX makes the metal flake on our show boat look so good- the colors are deeper and the reflections are brighter than anything I've ever used before."       
George Mayer, Plano, TX

"I am compelled to write to you about the results I've had with RejeX on my Porsche 2004 C4S Cab... The RejeX went on easy, came off easy.  The first thing I noticed was how rich the shine was - as impressive, if not more so, than typical high end carnauba.  The next thing I noticed was when I washed the car the following week, nearly all the dirt washed right off!  I was amazed.  I was enthusiastic to add RejeX to our company's product lineup, so that others can share the wonderful benefits of this great product.  I have recommended this to countless car aficionados since, and everyone has had terrific results thus far.  Hats off to you and your team for making such a terrific product!"                                  
Eric Sklut,

RejeX vs RainX

As we speak with customers about RejeX they often relate its protective qualities on glass to that of Rainx. Certainly there are some similarities: the way water sheets off it and its ability to “bead”. But the differences are remarkable and

Rainx is a silicone based product and the only way to get silicone to adhere to glass is to include sulphuric acid. The acid creates microscopic etching in the glass (tiny scratches) so the silicone can “pool” in the scratches in order to stick. This destructive characteristic is what makes rainx an absolute no-no on painted surfaces.

RejeX, of course, is entirely non-destructive and safe on all glass, metal and painted surfaces. The only places to avoid are patterned surfaces (like vinyl tops) where the RejeX may not get wiped out of valleys and turn white as it hardens.

Incidentally, don’t apply RejeX over Rainx or any silicone finish. It wont stick. The only remedy we know is to give it lots of TIME to completely wear off.



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